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So I've had a few people asking me, "How do I make the Slider and Carousel work on your Monster Skin..?"

There's two lots of tricks.

For the main slideshow - Allen Galek's Easy-Slider 1.7 - do the following, please:

* Insert a Text/Html Module into that pane
* In the module settings, set the module to "Slider" (Container doesn't have a print icon, but I always just disable this as well)
* Then, edit the content of the module using the FCK Editor (i.e. not inline)
* Go to the source code an insert the following code underneath:
* PLEASE NOTE: the id of the wrapping div is "slider". Also the image width and height is fixed.
* You can add as many images as you like and the jQuery will just keep on sliding...

<div id="slider">
<li><a target="_blank" href=""><img width="540" height="250" alt="Be sure to insert alt text!" src="/Portals/YourPortal/Images/sliderimage-01.jpg" /></a></li>
<li><a target="_blank" href=""><img width="540" height="250" alt="Be sure to insert alt text!" src="/Portals/YourPortal/Images/sliderimage-02.jpg" /></a></li>

For the Carosel in the footer, it's similar, but this time you're using Jan Sorgalla's jCarousel.

* Set module to use the "No Title" container
* Edit content and insert the following code below:
* PLEASE NOTE: The wrapping div id and class. Also image width and heights are fixed.
* You can add as many as you like here as well...

<ul id="mycarousel" class="jcarousel-skin-monster">
<li><a title="Put in Title Text!" href=""><img width="140" height="80" src="/Portals/YourPortal/Images/carousel-image-01.png" alt="Alt Text goes here!" /></a></li>

That should be it.
Also, please send me links of how you have implemented this skin (remember, the skin is free to use as you like, but I would encourage you to customize it).

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jorgelog May 28, 2010 at 2:56 AM 
already downloaded the file
I installed the zip file as a new skin on my portal
I added a new page and inserted into the module Text / HTML
I changed the setting module to "slider" and updated the module
but now I can not continue because I can use the FCK Editor, a message "Hover here, Then click toolbar to edit content" not to edit anything I can
any ideas?